Social Bookmarking for Atheist Websites

logo_atheist_spotFor those who may not be familiar with The Atheist Spot, it is a social bookmarking site, a la Digg and Reddit, exclusively for stories that we are likely to enjoy.

The site, whose tagline reads “In our minds we trust”, allows users to submit links that are voted up and down the news hierarchy. There are a variety of subcategories including Interviews, Video & Audio, Science & Technology, Events, and Books within which users can better classify their submissions.

There are three ways in which users can submit links to the site: through the “Add News” link on the website, through a javascript bookmarklet that can be accessed in your browser’s toolbar, and through embeddable image widgets that can be added to blog posts or new stories on your own site. I have the Sociable WordPress plugin installed on my site which uses PHP awesomeness to create dynamic submission links for each new blog post. Try it out below your favorite story on here to add it to The Atheist Spot for other users to enjoy.

Whether or not your submit links to the site, there is a wealth of great links on the site for all atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers.

Edit: I no longer use Sociable. I use SocioFluid which does not as easily allow for one to code in a custom bookmarking site. AtheistSpot is still pretty rad though, and you should totally use it.

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  2. Hey, I’m one of the co-founders of The Atheist Spot, and I just wanted to comment on the fact that you hit the nail on the head in describing the intent of the site. Thanks for the support!

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