Poll Results: Winter Celebration

pollresultsI ran this poll for just a little over a month, and after 111 responses, I decided that it was time to report on the results. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to cast their vote in this poll.

I asked, “What do you celebrate this time of year?” The results of the poll are as follows in descending order:

  • Christmas (secularly) – 68 votes
  • Nothing – 18 votes
  • Winter Solstice – 13 votes
  • Christmas (religiously) – 8 votes
  • Festivus – 3 votes
  • Hannukah – 1 vote
  • Kwanzaa – 0 votes

I can’t say this particularly surprised me. All of the atheists that I know personally celebrate Christmas for what it is, a secular holiday centered around family-togetherness and gift exchange. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that in my mind. When you start mixing in a fat man in a red suit and the birth of a magical being, then it starts to cross the boundary into insanity.

I was glad to see that celebrations of some kind were the majority, because with all of the religious tripe in everyday that cannot be utilized for the enjoyment of all, it is nice to have a holiday that has become so secularized as to allow involvement from all. Sure, every year the religious crazies try to claim Christmas as their own and reintroduce the term “War on Christmas” into the vernacular. However, see that for what it is: a failed attempt to apply religious meaning to a holiday that began without religious meaning.

So when I go to work today, I will continue to say “Merry Christmas” to everyone I see, and watch people squirm as they ponder whether or not it is politically correct or not.