God is Pretend. He is Santa Claus for grownups.

Religion claims to be about shunning darkness and walking into light. It claims to be the answer to all of the world’s problems. The reality is that religion doesn’t fair well in the open light. When scrutinized even slightly, the religious play the persecution card, despite being a member of one of the most comfortable majorities in the world. In doing so, they retreat to the darkness of their hallowed halls, clutching to their ancient “truth.”

Science, in contrast, continues to shed light on all areas of life. Geology continues to describe the formation and subsequent change of our planet. Biology continues to describe the interconnectedness of all life. Chemistry continues to describe the interconnectedness of all matter. Physics continues to describe the interconnectedness of our universe. Science NEVER claims to have reached ultimate truth, if such a thing even exists. Science relies of creating falsifiable data that can be amended, changed, or discarded upon retesting. Religion has no such mechanism. Religion got it right the first time (or maybe the second time) and refuses to adapt or change even as the world shifts before it.

Note: when I say “religion,” I am referring primarily to the Christianity and Islam, which have a combined 3.8 billion adherents. My experience is primarily with Christianity, in all of its various flavors.

I have lived in the Bible Belt my entire life. I see churches spend mind-boggling amounts of money to build new structures to entice and entertain their followers. I see churches send groups of people to foreign lands to harass and convert their indigenous people. Concurrently, I see people with no home. I see people who are uncertain of the origins of their next meal. I see people with limited or no access to medical care. Oh sure, religious groups chip in on these efforts. It pains me to think of how much further we could have progressed in these areas if ALL of the money people spent on their religious beliefs went to these efforts. “No soup without salvation” is a morally bankrupt philosophy.

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