19 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI is a Wuss

  1. Just stumbled across your blog from atheistblogger.com, thought I’d check it out.

    I love the motivational poster. I had a lol moment

  2. The Pope is no less brave than your deity, The Obama….and the Pope is clearly wiser than your other deity, John Lennon.

  3. You had to look on Wikipedia to be sure?
    Many atheists seem to idolize these pillars of secular humanism so I took the liberty of labeling them as “deitys” for you. Do you prefer the term wusses?

  4. actually no bullet proof glass is utilized in that pope-mobile the front and roof is two inches of shatter proof glass to protect from weather and the sides are all open so he isn’t a wuss and he just stood up to islamic Extremists nonviolently so i think he has some balls by the way if there is no god then how the hell did we get here and where is proof if the earth was created by the big bang where did the gasses out there come from huh so think and be inteligent for once idiot

  5. Actually smart ass, most of the “Popemobiles” DO have bullet-proof glass since the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981.

    As for your latter remarks, I don’t know where you have read that I defended the Big Bang Theory, but you are clearly mistaken. Regardless of the events that lead to our universe’s creation, surely you don’t believe that “God did it”. Admitting such doesn’t accommodate for the creation of said God or the creator of God’s creator. It’s an infinite regression that adds nothing to intelligent discourse.

    Just because we aren’t 100% sure about the origins of life doesn’t mean we need to throw our hands in the air and proclaim that a supernatural intelligence masterminded everything.

  6. neutrinos, neutròns, atoms, supernova, sun, lightning, iron-sulfur-clay, amines, AA, peptides, codons, RNA, DNA, micelles, allèles, pria, viria, monera, arkaia, protista, kromista, fungi, plantæ, animalia, kordata, mammalia, and hitherons

    freaken kids

  7. alls i can say is god is real. u can see it in everyday mericals thers death cause the world would be way over populated… so yeah he is real an im not going to try to change your mind cause we dont do that. but incoincidentally you are going to hell.

  8. tinsy leaben, everyone goes to hell, and so shall you.

    miracula = mental retards

    All wonders are the work of Man and World, not by any of the billions of fake Gods.

  9. I just thought I would let you know the Pope also agrees with the Big Bang theory and you’re no worse than those God-loving Christians who try to pose their faith on others, because here you sit on your cloud of judgment handing out life lessons to Christians.

  10. OK God is Pretend, Whomever you are. The creator god’s existence is a scientifically proven fact and the evidence, in part, is you. Cause and effect. Without a primal cause there would have been no effect and so if ever there were nothing there would still be nothing. Since you are evidence that there is in fact something, you are proof that a primal cause exists. Furthermore that primal cause cannot have been created and must be eternal with no beginning.

  11. Okay, Bert Quarles, whomever you are. What primal cause created the “eternal creator”? Your “proof” is a laughable phallacy called “infinite regress.”

    Also, don’t be so pompous. I’m not trying to win over any souls here, but if you want people to take your ill-backed claims seriously, it would help not to be a jackass about it.

  12. I don’t know what your talking about my being pompous. Unless that is what you mistake for indisputable fact. I understand that you might react this way because you realize that you can’t be right. If taking cause and effect back as far as you can imagine, then there is more beyond it, then you are not capable of comprehending the true fact of the primal cause. I don’t believe that about you I believe that you do understand. Your childish response of name calling betrays your maturity or lack thereof. Think about it and I’m sure you will grasp it eventually. Accept the fact that you are wrong and learn from it and move on you still have an awful lot to learn.

    God Bless you son.

  13. Dear Bert Quarles

    The “creator’s god” is not a scientifically proven fact. There isn’t even a model for that god so one can test it in laboratory. If you disagree, give me some scientific source.
    Does eternal mean “infinite time”? Infinite time also is not proved.
    Also, time is just a dimension of the whole set of the universe dimensions.
    When you create a primal cause for something, you create the problem of defining the cause that created that cause.
    Plus, creating an infinite cause of a “creator god”, you are creating two unproved problems: “infinite cause” and “unknown/unseen entity”.
    Bert Quarles, please show us hard evidence when making such bold claims.
    Our human brains are limited to space/time finite perception. We may not grasp the “infinite” if it exists or other dimensions but neither do you (Im assuming you are human).
    Be patient. We may not know today the answers for all that is, but tomorrow we may know more.

  14. Dear Carlos Fontes

    I completely understand your delima please permit me to try and help.
    I accept cause and effect as scientific that all effects have a cause and each cause produces an effect that in turn becomes a cause. Now lets go back and try to imagine a time before the big bang if it happened as far before as we are past it. Did anything exist? if not was time also not in existence because there were no bodies moving in relation to one another? If ever there were a time when there were nothing then without an event there would still be nothing. Since there is obviously not nothing in existance then clearly some effent did occur. I submit that that event was the act of creation by the creator God not the creator’s God as you state it.
    Because this event has to be the primal event it cannot have been preceded, else it isn’t primal. Without it, then, nothing exists now.
    I know that considering these facts is mind boggling and that to create an expiriment to prove its existance you would really have to have the power of the creator. As for infinity and eternity I realize that these too cannot be proven but they can be infered. I submit to you that the infrence of the proof of eternity is that the primal cause cannot have had a beginning. By the same reasoning Infinity can be infered because the creator cannot be confined by his creation.
    I hope that this was in some way illuminating for you please feel free to respond in any way that you see fit.

  15. “I submit that that event was the act of creation by the creator God”

    We, I assume Carlos Fontes feels similarly, submit that you are making impossible to prove claims. Your “explanation” was not illuminating, and only further demonstrated your lack of grasp on reality.

    You do not know what initially happened to get things in motion in the universe that we know, so instead of critical thought and scientific study, you simply suggest “God did it! God created time as we know it, so he is magically without a cause himself!”

    Do you see how ridiculous that looks?

    Also, by claiming that you hold privileged information as to the origins of the universe, you make yourself look like a jackass. It’s not because I have a smaller brain or am unable to process complex thoughts. It’s because of your perceived attitude.

  16. Well, God is Pretend who ever you really are.

    I gave you the scientifically accepted proof you asked for and because you don’t want to accept it you have to twist it all around to give you the opportunity to feel superior and to insult me.


    Hows that for reality?

    I don’t want to give you anything more than that to ponder. If you can grasp that little fact then perhaps we can move on.

    What the intitial thing was that happented to lead to all other things happening to bring us to today is really not relevent to the fact that something did initially cause all subsiquent effects

    I dont believe that I possess any special insight into these matters. I am just looking logically at what is, and what must have happened to make it so.

    I realize that this is your blog and in order to save face you cannot now come around to admit that the thinking is logical, and in the future you will use this or some vatiation of this to incite others to think about their origins. Thats ok I know it will be happening and approve of it in advance. HAHA Now you can add fortune teller to your list of pejorative labels for me.

    Before I go let me just submit to you one other thing I have noticed in my many years here on earth. Athiest have to set themselves up as smarter than anyone foolish enough to believe in God. It is sort of pathetic really.

  17. The “popemobile” that he uses most often is a completely open-topped jeep affair (I think it’s acually a Mercedes) that he rides all around through the massive crowds that gather every Wednesday in St. Peter’s Square to hear him speak. There is about five feet of clearance on either side and security walks a bit ahead and behind. He has about the same level of security present as an official of the US Cabinet with their FBI detail. One of your fellow lunatics actually was able to hop the barrier and tackle him during a procession last year.

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