Great Comics of the Week

Married to the Sea poked fun at Chick Tracts in one of their comics this week. Always nice to see those worthless wastes of paper as comic fodder.

Also, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal had a great one this week. Zach is on a roll with his recent great video and this great comic involving a priest getting humiliated in front of his congregation.

The Devil Did It

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is one of my favorite daily webcomics. Religion is frequently the subject of cartoonist Zach Weiner‘s wit and dark sense of humor. Recently, Zach began to add short videos to his site titled “SMBC Theater“. I post for you now, one of my favorites to date.

My favorite part is Jesus’ cameo at the very end.

Are You Concerned?

I am concerned. I’m concerned that our country is legislated at all levels by people who put faith in front of reason. I’m concerned that children are deluded into believing nonsense during their earliest stages of development by equally clueless parents. I’m also concerned that if something isn’t done to stop the viral spread of religion and other disastrous ways of life, our way of life, not to mention our world, may be in serious danger.

These are not the same things that Kirk Cameron is worried about. See the transcript and my responses to Kirk (in blue) after the jump.

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