Black Holes Exist

Black holes exist. And one of them has a television show on Fox News. All reason, common sense, and rationality are sucked in and crushed to nothingness in a blowhard singularity. While some black holes emit radiation, this particular one emits bullshit and bigotry.

The first part is a little slow, and while I agree that the media often portrays things contrary to how they exist in reality, to state that the people on the edges deserve no voice is tyrannical. Of course, if you watch Fox News or CNN on a regular basis, you probably aren’t concerned with too many viewpoints other than those within your comfort bubble anyway.

GlennBeck copyIt’s only mentioned briefly in the video, but Glenn is so upset because of media attention that surrounded the use of the word “God” in the presidential oath of office. Old news, I know, but the principle is still important. He goes on to say that “89% of us believe in God” and “89% want the phrase ‘under God’ to stay in the Pledge [of Allegiance].” Unless two polls just happened to produce identical results, I think Glenn is making an incorrect inference. I know of several theists personally who dispute “under God”‘s presence in the Pledge of Allegiance, as it was added as an afterthought and does nothing to truly unify the people of this nation. Of course, what Glenn is really saying is that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the 11% of Americans who don’t believe in his definition of god.

Just another example of the elitist, blowhard babble to come from a talking head that claims to respect the voice of the unheard, except he takes the easy route by redefining the group of people that he think ought to be heard more.

2 thoughts on “Black Holes Exist

  1. a recent Gallop poll suggest that Christians comprise 77 % of the population. That leaves 23%. The current population of the US as of Jul 2008 is 304,059,724
    that means that 69,933,736 (Almost 70 million) people! Glen beck would think different if they were all standing in his f’ing front yard!

    I have the chart showing the pole results on my blog @

    It also shows clearly that, Christianity is on the decline and atheism is on the rise in this country! Assholes like Beck are a dying bred of bigots that the world will be better off without.
    The religious are the most hateful,violent, intolerant, close minded bigots the planet has ever known. Strong words I know but ,it’s true and needs to be said!

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