Pastor Wiley Drake A Modern Sorcerer?

Pastor Wiley Drake is fairly new to my radar. I remember him being mentioned after the murder of George Tiller, but I never really did much research on him. This man is just as certifiably nuts as any of the other more “popular” biblical literalists. He and his “prayer warriors” use imprecatory prayers to wish harm onto those who invoke his ire. This is nothing more than a modern attempt to curse people. Yes, you read correctly – curse. The Wikipedia entry for “imprecatory prayer” even redirects to the page for “curse.” The same thing that Lord Voldemort does to those unfortunate enough to cross his path in the Harry Potter series is being done by an American pastor and former leader of the Southern Baptist Convention.

His latest shtick revolves around wishing death upon U.S. politicians, including the late Rep. John Murtha and Pres. Obama, for… you know… not doing what he would like them to do. While most of us would take the logical route and join a letter writing campaign, support the opposition in an upcoming election, or lobby our elected officials directly, Pastor Drake takes the traditional Christian easy way out and simply prays — for swift death. Lucky for anyone on his shit list, prayer is pointless, and thus, causes no harm. It should serve to illustrate how bat shit insane the man is though.

Listen to the audio below of Pastor Drake speaking as a guest on Alan Colmes’ radio show. (Video from

4 thoughts on “Pastor Wiley Drake A Modern Sorcerer?

  1. Rev. Drake in no way reflects the beliefs of most Christians or the teachings of Jesus Christ on prayer, in any way. In fact Jesus said bless them that curse you, bless and curse not. I would not worry about these “curse” prayers. They are without merit and God does not hear them. If anyone dies that is on Wiley’s hit list it is a coincidence. By the way how old was John Murtha when he died? If you check Wiley’s batting average of all the people he has invoked his curses against few have died. This is a sad case of a man that will say nearly anything to get attention. I used to think he was just mean but I am coming to the opinion that he really is mentally ill.

  2. I know he isn’t representative, but there are a huge number of his type out there. Only a few of them are lucky enough to get such national attention.

    Belief without question in something for which there is no proof nor can ever be proven is indicative of mental illness, so I am with you on that.

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