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IM Conversation from Long Ago

This may not make that much sense, as this conversation most likely transpired at odd hours of the morning, however, I hope it correctly illustrates the ridiculosity of the nomenclature people insist on using for their time-honored traditions.

Megan: may the lord be with you
Me: wait, do i want the lord or his son
Me: if jesus is the king of kings, does that makes god the king of the king of kings
Megan: or just the father of king of kings
Megan: maybe mary had the royal blood
Megan: maybe she is the queen of king of kings

On a separate note: I have completed my move. The positives include: not living out of boxes and enjoying less stress in my life. The negatives include: I’m still in the Bible Belt so I probably won’t be enjoying less stress in my life.

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