7 thoughts on “Loving God Isn’t Rocket Surgery

  1. I myself have used the phrase, “It’s not rocket surgery.” One hopes the sign was tongue-in-cheek, but who knows.
    My boyfriend is a rocket scientist, so I make jokes like that. LOL

  2. I would say this is more of a half-fail. Seeing as it’s a church it’s probably a fair bet to say that they purposely chose to use surgery in order to avoid an association with the word science.

  3. Know this is an old post but thought I’d comment anyway. Just because I think it’s ironic that in this instance it’s actually this blog (and your source) who are out of the loop. “It’s not rocket surgery” is a common tongue in cheek phrase. In fact my brother has a t-shirt that says “I’m no rocket surgeon”

  4. That’s all well and good. In case you hadn’t noticed, one of the themes of this websites is poking fun at some of the corny shit that Christians say and do. Cheesy and ineffective sign slogans fit in that category. Whether it was tongue-in-cheek or not is irrelevant. That this church spent manhours assembling the letters into this shit pot slogan is laughable in itself.

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