Religulous DVD. Buy It. Now.

Buy It. Watch It. Show It To Friends.


On another happy note, as I had secretly hoped, T-Shirt Hell is NOT going out of business, and was just faking it to boost sales. Well played. Well played, indeed. Their 10% off sale is running through the end of the week, so now is the time to glom onto some very declarative apparel.

2 thoughts on “Religulous DVD. Buy It. Now.

  1. This movie was just fun! Maher lays it out there, all the ridiculousness involved in being “faithful” to any religion. The guy who swore that he asked for rain (the former Jew for Jesus cult member) was really the best…

  2. I liked that he really stuck it to all of major religious sects. Obviously some are a little more high profile than others and deserve a little more scrutiny, but all in all he did a great job of not leaving out any of the big players.

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