Semen on the Mount

Man head silhouetteI recently came across a blog post of one Christian woman’s non-existent sex life and how proud of herself she is for denying herself physical intimacy outside of marriage. And before you ask, no she doesn’t double click her own mouse, the sinfulness of which is detailed in another holier-than-thou post so repressively titled “The M-Word.”

I’m not going criticize her for her complete lack of explicit scriptural reference in her writings. As anyone familiar with the Bible can tell you, almost any passage in isolation can be used to justify pretty much anything. What disturbed me about this whole article is that there are people so deeply in love with an ancient text that they will intentionally defy their biology. They don’t mind accepting the blanket assertion that they are inherently flawed and must always seek approval from their father and that all of their actions must be in pursuit of that approval, but they can’t entertain any sins of the flesh in their mortal chase of an unattainable standard.

Christians have created a weird cult. The concept of “sin” gave religious doctrine its mandate. Without sin, there is no need for ridiculous lists of rules and barbaric punishments. What normal, free-thinking people see as an intimate, physical act Christians see as some kind of pact with Jesus. The act of intercourse is strictly interpreted as a means of procreation and never merely as an act of recreation. Even pleasuring oneself is seen as a selfish undertaking. So even if she owned Christian-approved sex toys, it would still be sinful to use them.

What a sad, frustrating existence. And for what, exactly?


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  1. thanks for a great article! What a sad life these people lead, this cult of suffering and denile all for an imaginary promise.

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