Pat Robertson is a Nutter

Pat Robertson is an opportunistic hatemonger. Anyone who considers himself a Christian should be speaking out against the lies that this man spreads. How do I know he’s lying? Anyone who uses “true story” and “swore a pact to the devil” together in the same thought is off his rocker. Produce evidence to support your vindictive babbling or shut the hell up. Of course, producing evidence has never been religion’s strong suit.

4 thoughts on “Pat Robertson is a Nutter

  1. Regardless of his theory regarding the cause of the earthquake, Robertson will contribute millions more to aid Haiti’s people than any private atheist organization will. True evil consists in doing nothing, while asserting the superiority of one’s own philosophical position.

  2. You say “atheist organization” as if that could be the only way an atheist’s aid money could be channeled to a disaster. I’m sure plenty of atheists will still donate through community and other civic efforts, but sure, due to population statistics, since there are fewer atheists, they will probably donate an proportionally smaller amount.

    True evil consists actually of doing evil, as in lying to millions of people and abusing one’s celebrity status to extort money from them to finance their personal empire.

  3. Aren’t fundies adorable? 🙂 Blaming the victims. Delicious. I’ve asked before and I will again: How can I get rich and famous spouting off my opinions? I mean, mine are actually sane!
    I hate the French as much as anyone, but wouldn’t it be more accurate for Pat to blame Voodoo for Haiti’s problems?
    Check out Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers for more of why Haiti *really* didn’t succeed and the Dominican Republic did.

    Good Christian, many atheists are donating to Haiti relief. Do a search if you don’t believe me.
    .-= Sarah Trachtenberg´s last blog ..You can’t go to heaven! =-.

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