Focus on the Family Cuts Jobs

Photo credit: Jeff Fusco (Getty Images)Businesses have surely felt the impact of the US economic crisis. This pain has also spread to the non-profit sector as well. While on the whole that is a bad thing, I cannot express dismay at news that Focus on the Family is cutting jobs and their entire operating budget.

While not a significant portion of their budget by any means, Focus spent half a million dollars campaigning against California’s Proposition 8, which, in case you have been without electricity for the last year, was the ballot initiative that passed defining marriage as strictly between one man and one woman. Perhaps that $500,000 could have been spent on better things? Hell, certificates of deposit are earning upwards of 3.5% depending on where you get them.

The majority of the Focus budget is used to spread “marriage and family advice” on the internet, in print magazines, and over the radio airwaves. How much is their 2009 budget? $138 million. That’s after the cuts. I know this is chump change for many organizations out there, but it still frightens me that there is a non-church organization whose sole purpose is to indoctrinate others and they have $138 million with which to do it.

Let’s hope the next job to be cut is Dobson’s.

3 thoughts on “Focus on the Family Cuts Jobs

  1. I %#&*ing hate that guy. He spewed so much bile about Obama selectively interpreting the Bible as if he doesn’t do the very same thing himself.

    Yeesh. Look for logic from a fundy and I suppose you’re determined to be frustrated. Great blog!

  2. We need to tax churches. It is not acceptable that these people indoctrinate and brainwash–tax free. In this consumerist, capitalist society the churches and their horrible social groups get a head-start on brainwashing because they can horde more of their money.

  3. I agree. Churches should not be tax exempt. Now you have cults like Scientology receiving tax benefits. What’s next? Tax breaks for the Branch Davidians or Heaven’s Gate?

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