God for a Day

Mr. X over at Why I Hate Jesus made a stunning observation. To paraphrase it would do it injustice, so I present it to you in its entirety.

If you were god for a day, what would you do with this power? Maybe you would cure cancer? Invoke your power to create world peace? Create enough resources for all so that people don’t die of starvation and malnutrition? Create a world where we can all live without killing it through polluting fossil fuels? Maybe you would show yourself to everyone so that we could all believe and all could be saved? Or, better yet, abolish hell altogether? These are just some of the potential things that you could do with this power.

So, the question is: why hasn’t god done any of these things?

So, Christians, what’ll it be this time? A defense of god’s inaction based on free will? A defense based on the prevention of dependence? I’m all ears.

3 thoughts on “God for a Day

  1. If I was omnipotent and omniscient for a day?

    I would replace world government with intelligent computers, and add some DRM to the whole human reproduction system.

    Then I would build a RISC-based computer system, compile a GNU / Linux system for it [Just because I’m omnipotent doesn’t mean I want to re-write code] and then port Crysis to OpenGL and play it on there.

    Well, I might cure cancer too. And terrorism. And kill 419 scammers.

  2. oh, come on. christianity has answered this question times without number. the sky fairy hasn’t fixed that cancer thing because it is actually more loving of it NOT TO. aids babies are poof positive of the awesome power of our loving sky fairy.

    the one i _haven’t_ seen approached yet, is this one: if churches really believe the shit that they pass off on the rubes, why do they accept offerings of hard cash? surely they would be much better off if the members prayed for Jebus to fix the roof and keep the lights on.

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