Are You Concerned?

I am concerned. I’m concerned that our country is legislated at all levels by people who put faith in front of reason. I’m concerned that children are deluded into believing nonsense during their earliest stages of development by equally clueless parents. I’m also concerned that if something isn’t done to stop the viral spread of religion and other disastrous ways of life, our way of life, not to mention our world, may be in serious danger.

These are not the same things that Kirk Cameron is worried about. See the transcript and my responses to Kirk (in blue) after the jump.

Are you concerned about what’s happening to our country? One by one, we’re being stripped of our God-given liberties. (In case you didn’t know, these “God-given” liberties mostly center around being able to indoctrinate others on the government dime.) Our kids can no longer pray in public (they certainly can), they can no longer freely open a Bible in school (they certainly can), the Ten Commandments are no longer allowed to be displayed in public places (no, but you can have a 25 foot tall monument of them in your front yard if you’d like), and the Gideons are not even allowed to give away Bibles in (public) schools.

Did you know that a recent study revealed that in the top 50 universities in our country, in the fields of psychology and biology, sixty-one percent of the professors describe themselves as atheists or agnostics? That’s sixty-one percent! (The correlation between non-belief and obtaining an advanced degree has been illustrated numerous times. Putting aside nonsense like faith is a cornerstone to true education.) No wonder atheism has doubled in the last twenty years among nineteen- to twenty-five-year-olds. (I’m sure you think it’s because you think every college student looks up to their hip professors and wants to emulate their cool ways.) An entire generation is being brainwashed (be careful how you use that word, Kirk) by atheistic evolution without even hearing the alternative! (And how, pray tell, do you know that the alternative isn’t being heard? Maybe it’s being heard, but being interpreted for what it is — a load of bollocks.) And it’s radically changing the culture of our nation.

There’s only one way to change the heart of a nation—and that is to change the sinful heart of the individual, and that’s through the power of the Gospel. (Or you could remove the shroud of ignorance from society by engaging in an open and meaningful debate without reference to the mystical and supernatural. Just a thought.) Only God (or non-theistic mutual respect for mankind) can take the sinful heart of a man or a woman and cause them to love that which is right and just and good.

Now listen to this: On November 21st, 2009, the world will celebrate the one-hundred-and-fiftieth year since the publication of Charles Darwin’s book, (On the) Origin of Species. Now when my friend Ray Comfort (hasn’t he shamed himself enough with the banana nonsense to just stay in a cave the rest of his miserable, uneducated life?) heard about this, and that the book was public domain, he actually wrote a fifty-page introduction for the book which gives the history of evolution, a timeline of Darwin’s life, Adolph Hitler’s undeniable connection with the theory, Darwin’s racism, his disdain for women, and Darwin’s thoughts on the existence of God, and put them in the book. (…Uhhh… no words.)

It also lists the theory’s many hoaxes; it exposes the unscientific belief that nothing created everything; it points to the incredible structure of DNA, and the absence of any species-to-species transitional forms actually found in the fossil record. It then presents a balanced view of creationism (I very much doubt that it will be balanced, given that Hitler, racism, and misogyny were all referenced in the previous paragraph.), with information from scientists who actually believe that God created the universe!—such as Albert Einstein (nope), Isaac Newton (nope), Copernicus (nope), Bacon (nope), Faraday (nope), Louis Pasteur (nope), and Johannes Kepler (nope). And most importantly, this introduction presents a very clear Gospel message. (That’s balanced, right?)

On Thursday, November 19th, just a few days before the hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the book, fifty thousand copies of this special publication will be freely given out at those Top 50 universities. Now think of it: In one day, the Gospel, and a clear presentation of intelligent design, will be placed in the hands of fifty thousand of our future doctors, lawyers, and politicians. (I’m thinking of it — and it scares the living shit out of me.)

And we’re working with Campus Crusade for Christ, Answers in Genesis, and the Alliance Defense Fund to get copies of Darwin’s Origin of Species into the hands of this generation. And all we want to do is present the opposing and (in)correct view, rather than being censored—which is exactly the case at present. (That’s actually not the case, but go on. You’re the oppressed victim here.) These students aren’t stupid (actually many of them are–Campus Crusade for Christ, et. al.)—they should be given both sides of the argument and allowed to make up their own mind, right? We think that’s healthy. (You know what isn’t healthy? Destroying a scientific breakthrough piece of literature with your hate-mongering message. How would you like it if I stood outside your church and handed out The Holy Bible with a 50-page introduction on all of the half-truths, doublespeak, racism, disdain toward women, etc. that exists in that piece of garbage? You’d be crying in your bowl of Christ Chex if you read news of that in the morning paper.)

This is a beautiful, three-hundred-and-four-page, full-color cover edition of Darwin’s famous Origin of Species book, that will be given away free, on the hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the book! So who isn’t gonna take it and say, “Thank you very much”? (Me. I’ll take it and smile as I tear out each page of the blasphemous introduction and deposit it in the neareast rubbish bin.)

There’s nothing to fear (except a washed-up child actor and a creepy creationist pseudo-scientist)! Ray Comfort and I are going to a local university to give away a thousand free copies ourselves on November 19th. And we’re very excited to do this. Listen, for instance, to UC Berkeley’s policy right here in California: Their own website says anyone is free to distribute non-commercial materials in any outdoor area of the campus. Besides, what are they really gonna do? Ban the (modified and inaccurate version of) Origin of Species?! That’d be big news—especially when their own bookstore sells it (the original form as Charles Darwin published it) for $29.99.

So get a hold of a hundred, or five hundred, or a thousand copies, for yourself or for your church, and go to your university (or local recycling center). We’ll give you a free poster and a clear and a simple strategy: Go there as a team and get the Gospel into the hands of this generation, the hands of future doctors, lawyers, and politicians. Remember: This is America. It’s still the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave. And this is a life and death issue. (No. It’s a life AFTER death issue.)

Ray Comfort: We’ve had a number of requests from people asking if we could expand our giveaway from fifty to a hundred universities. We want to be able to do that, but we need to act quickly. Have more books printed. To date, we know of a hundred and thirty yard sales that are being held across the country to raise money to try to make this happen. (If the sale of secondhand goods is what this fundraising effort has been reduced to, maybe we don’t have so much to worry about.) One millionaire has said he’ll match the biggest donation given to the project. (How selfish. Why not just donate his fortune to this movement if the spread of the gospel means so much to him?) Those who would like to help us reach that goal can get details on living waters dot com. Please be in prayer for us. Thank you for listening.

Special thanks to Melissa McEwan at Shakesville for the transcript (which I mercilessly ganked). I started to transcribe this myself, but quickly became nauseated.

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  1. I think that idea of a bible with the introduction debunking it is a fantastic idea! It was the bible that made me non-Christian because I actually read the whole thing more than once (3 different versions at that), something very few believers ever do. Most people only know what is read or assigned to them by their religious leaders and so they miss the extreme inconsistencies, you know?

  2. Do you know if they have released the names of the schools yet? I couldn’t find a list anywhere, but if they are going to be at any schools here in Colorado, I may have to go check it out.

  3. Oh and I love how he says they are going to give the opposing “and correct” view, and yet in the next sentence he says people should be able to make up their own minds.

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