An Oldie But A Goodie: The God Warrior

I guess I first saw this about 5 years ago. It’s still as amusing/horrifying as the first time I viewed it. Not only has this cow completely surrendered her life to religious ignorance, but she seems to have an awfully hard time pronouncing some of the evils that she so fervently scorns.

How far into the video did you make it before you got angry?

11 thoughts on “An Oldie But A Goodie: The God Warrior

  1. Indeed it cannot. One can only hope that her offspring have seen what an idiot she is and will not raise their children around such superstitious beliefs (religion that is, not hypnotizing and astrology, which are equally dumb).

  2. Watch closely, kids. This women is an excellent demonstration of gravity being a function of mass and distance. See how she sucks her children’s respect and innocence towards her like an enormous stellar body?


    PS – Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t calling her body stellar.

  3. What’s funny about this one to is that even though she ripped up the letter and said she didn’t want money from those evil godless people, she eventually changed her mind and accepted the money.

    Money – 1
    Jesus – 0

  4. an amazing episode of self dramatization……very scary! I kept thinking “how do they stand this?” and “what if I had to live with that?”. Did you see the eyes on the little kid? isn’t this some kind of abuse? what on earth does the future hold for her? Where’s child services when you need them…

  5. I really hate to stereotype and generalize, but basically, this is the “typical christian.” Or, just about, every christian I have to deal with on an almost every day basis.

    Somebody should call child services and get those kids out of there.

  6. Satan’s got nothin’ on this woman! Heck, if she were my mother, I’d be Christian just for the sake of my ear drums (and/or sanity).

  7. Are we sure this isn’t a really convincing skit from Mad TV?

    Unfortunately I wouldn’t have a hard time believing it isn’t…

  8. From a medical side, there is a religious protion of the brain which can be warped by the input of suggestion and dizease (scizophrenia, for instance.) She is likely stressed and the result is an anger which is irrational. This is not God or Jesus. It is an individual. God sets up the rules, we simply follow them. If we use our hands to help others, God will appreciate it and allow us the extension of our experience into the
    “everlasting.” Believing in Jesus is simply the knowledge that despite any of our human urges, He followed a path of Peace and helping, was accused of being a religious ideot and cricified. To show those of the time who was the idiot, He “rose for m the dead.” He doesn’t want warriors. He wants followers who use their hands and talants to dissipate the pain of poverty (although he states it will always be with us.)
    Read, think and listen. Forget what people tell you, but gain wisdom from those who are wise. You shall come to a different place, if you do. Good luck.

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