New Poll: “Coming Out”

I have just posted a new poll in the left sidebar about “coming out of the (atheist) closet” to those close to them. I did a quick search online for a “National Atheist Coming Out Day” type occurence, and I found a few scattered dates, but nothing consistent. I would like to kind of gauge how many readers have come out and to whom.

If you have any more information on any coordinated “coming out” days, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “New Poll: “Coming Out”

  1. Wow, still early in the voting but 2/3 are hiding their atheism from their significant other? Ouch.

    I haven’t heard of any atheist coming out day, but it’s a spectacular idea, especially in light of recent events/exposure (NYT article, Family Guy, etc). You should pick a date, and I will spread the word. I’m not that influential, but I bet people who are would jump on board.

  2. “Came out” to pretty much everyone except Clergy. Don’t know any of that breed, never been to church (not baptized or whatever they call that).
    But I’ll tell everyone who asks (or doesn’t hehe 😉 )


  3. Well, my fiance and I were both non-believers when we met, so I never really had to “come out” to him. My family and friends know that I’m not particularly religious, but I’ve never explicitly stated my non-belief to them. I don’t think most of my friends would care, it’s just not something we discuss often. My parents, however, are having a hard enough time with me not being Catholic anymore… I think it’s baby steps with them.

  4. I first had to “come out” to myself. I knew the crap I’d been fed my whole life was bogus, but admitting it was a pretty hard process. I was about 15.

    It took about 5 years to fully come out to family and friends. Now, I am out and in people’s faces about it. I’m 31.

    I’m not going to change anyone’s mind, obviously, but I want it to be known to everyone that if they’re looking at thinking rationally, that they have someone on their side.

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