Religulous Open in Limited Release

Well Religulous has finally opened in select theaters. Larry Charles did a phoner to the Opie & Anthony show on Sirius-XM the other day, promoting the movie, and I got excited, having forgotten that it was close to release.

As soon as I got home, I checked Fandango to see what theaters near me would be carrying the film. I knew better than to expect it in my town. My local cinema doesn’t carry edgy or controversial films (except for The Passion of the Christ, of course.) Expecting a nice drive to see the film, I searched several surrounding metropolitan areas (from 50 to 90 miles away), but found no theaters with the film at all. I know it’s a limited release, but the closest theater was 127 miles away. The truly shitty part of this story is the fear that even after the film opens in wider release that it still won’t be any closer to me than that. I hope at least one nearby city has it. I’m figuring since it was the closest theater to show Fahreheit 9/11 and Sicko, that there is a good chance that it will have this one.

Check Fandango, and see if Religulous is playing anywhere in your vicinity. Leave a comment to spread hope or confirm despair.

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7 thoughts on “Religulous Open in Limited Release

  1. I’m in Chula Vista, Cali and I have to see it in San Diego. I’m going to try to catch it this weekend. Good luck trying to see it in your neck of the woods!

  2. The closest theater to me was 150 miles away. The whole state of arkansas isnt showing the movie. how gay. but im sure they’d show a movie about jesus

  3. The closest theater to me is an hour north to Concord NH or an hour south to Cambridge MA–but I’m going to see it regardless of the cost of gas! I love Bill, and it’s exciting to see an atheist film in ANY theater. I agree, word should be spread, and I’m happy to see another article about the movie.

  4. I checked and there are 2 theaters in Atlanta showing it. I think you are right that it is the closest it will get, but I will gladly make the drive with you to see it.

  5. I’m one of the lucky ones. It is playing at a theater I can walk to from my apartment. Now my only problem is finding someone to go with who won’t be completely offended. Oh, how I wish you or Megan were here 🙂

  6. Not showing in or near Chattanooga TN. Chattanooga is a city of approx 170 thousand and approx 120 miles from Atlanta and Nashville. Southern city yes, but not a small town and near a number of large cities. Not one theatre is showing Religulous.

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