Religulous: Truth for the masses at last

I don’t know whether to be happy that such an amazing film is being released, or to be sad knowing that I will likely have to drive more than 100 miles to see it for myself.

I doubt this movie will really sway anyone. After all, The Bashin’ of the Christ didn’t really convert many folks; it served mostly to reinforce and solidify the beliefs of those already in line with the film’s theme. Likely the same will hold true for Religulous.

IF (and that’s a big IF where I’m from) any god-believers actually see this movie, they will likely leave the movie just as wrapped in their mythology as they were when they entered, but feeling a bit more persecuted. After all, it’s okay for them to remind me that I’m condemning myself to hell by not praying to Sky Daddy, but it’s not okay for me to remind them that they are practicing only a slightly more complex belief system than children do in believing in Santa Claus.

Please spread this video on your own blogs, talk about it, write about it, and when the time comes, go and see it. This stands to be a great opportunity to have a few folks scratch their heads and reconsider their life’s direction. Live out of hope of heaven and fear of hell?… or do good to others because it creates a great environment in which to live?

The choice: she’s a clear one.

2 thoughts on “Religulous: Truth for the masses at last

  1. Looks like a fun one. And I like how, according to IMDB, the second cast member is listed as …Jesus… Himself.

  2. Unfortunately, the clip has been removed, along with the other 2 clips you embedded in a different post. BTW this was the 3rd result I got from a google search for ‘religulous clips’

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