God Hates Cuba… Apparently

Facebook.com, if you are unfamiliar, is a social networking tool that allows members to join groups with other members that share a common bond. Groups range from political, athletic, and religious groups to include humorous, offbeat, and nonsensical groups.

I try not to make this a political blog aside from matters that deal specifically with the separation of church and state and any legislation that may affect atheists and non-believers. I will apologize upfront if you are put off by any political remarks, but I find this to tie in very much to my general loathing of the Jesus Fan Club.

While browsing the volumes of worth on Facebook, I came across the group titled “I HATE FIDEL CASTRO.” I clicked through because the topic interested me on a political level, though I found the content to be far from political.

The group’s description boasts:

New report states that Castro’s stiches from stomach surgery have not healed properly, and he has had to seek medical attention for them. That is good news and that shows how awesome GOD is, while he is a forgiving and loving GOD, but he is also a just GOD

In believing that God is just, you imply that God is sympathetic to the American people and their system of government. This is a pristine example of the rampant ethnocentrism that so many theists display (particularly in the southern U.S.). Honorable as you may think you are being in your declaration, displaying enthusiasm for another’s pain and suffering is not what I have ever seen defined as “Christ-like”.

Let’s hope so? Pardon me for doubting the intelligence of someone who dubs himself an “anti-castro redneck”. Were this group created by a Cuban who had qualms with the current state of Cuba, I could understand the dissent, however this group is simply a response to one anti-castro redneck’s distaste for communism (i.e. not right-wing conservatism.)

I suppose “love thy neighbor”, like so many other Bible lessons, is a conditional sentiment.

3 thoughts on “God Hates Cuba… Apparently

  1. Didn’t you mean: God is Pretending?

    I thought so.

    You are now Whore Church Approved, check out the church to claim your valuable cash and prizes.

    Great Blog.

  2. “In believing that God is just, you imply that God is sympathetic to the American people and their system of government.”

    Completely sums up the ignorance of American Christians. Like Christmas happens during winter and Hinduism is polytheistic? Who cares about India…along those lines. Some people are just very self-centered.

  3. But, hey, we’ve got The American Jesus! Overwhelming millions every day! 🙂

    Heck, his white, American face heads up your blog! Let us prey!

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