The Most Ignorant Discussion EVER

While scouring the internet one day for odd religious content, I came upon a religious argument (of sorts) embedded in a racist discussion about the evolution of black people. It begins with one of the most fallacious refutations of the theory of evolution, so I can’t say I expected much from the get go.

Humans did not come from apes because apes still exist.

And the Black people who believe in the White man’s evolution theories are subconsiously saying to themselves: “I am a descendant of monkeys.”

Caucasians are atheists, and they make stuff up as they go on in life and any other colored that follows their beliefs will fall into the ditch along with them.

They are wanderers also known as “vagabonds.” They will continue to wander to “parts unknown” just like they’re doing in the space program, they have no rest.

Lucifer said he will ascend above the stars to be like the Most High. And right now they dream of colonizing on the moon when their human bodies isn’t capable of living out there. That’s how pompous minded these people are, they think they own this entire universe.

They constantly send out signals through these huge satellites pointing upwards into outerspace to try to contact intelligent life beings to make friends with them while being completely ignorant to the fact that they are putting themselves and earth life in danger.

After reading this and wiping the drool from my chin, I delved deeper into the thread to find some logical response to this madness. (Though considering the original topic regarded the evolution of black people, again, I didn’t expect much.)

I soon came upon this very logical response to the above reply:

“finish **ucking your mama trailer park hero, you lice having, tobacco chewing, child molesting maggot. You will never understand us but you try so hard to be like us it’s sick.”

As I said, I didn’t expect much from this entire conversation, but I came across someone for whom this subject struck close to home:

“wait,your an idiot,am black,from east africa,and i am 100% that black people started as humans,and not as monkeys as you suggest. :S,wtf is wrong with you comparing humans to animals. just makes me angry”

I love the internet. I love that I have the world’s information at my fingertips. What disturbs me though, is that people who would have once had their insane opinions either kept to themselves or circulated among a small group through newsletters, self-published zines, or coffee clatches now have a host of outlets through which to clutter the information superhighway.

I suppose some might say that I’m not better, doing what I do. It is interesting to get a cross section of some of society’s more fun-loving members’ personalities though. You’d think this new outlet would expand the marketplace of argumentative discourse, and selective pressue would be placed on those that lack the knowledge, logic, and grammar to form a coherent sentence. You’d be wrong though.

The internet provides a breeding ground for ignorance, much like churches, mosques, and synagogues have done for centuries. Happy Internet Day! (I just made that up.)