The Search for Christian Kitsch: A Call to Action

pajamasI’m sure everyone has seen the Prayer Cross on television or around the web. If not, it’s about time you came out from under that rock.

There is so much more tacky Christian decor out there just waiting to be exposed. I’m sure you’ve seen some of it in gift shops, drug stores, and mail order catalogs. That’s why Sarah Trachtenberg (from Not My God) and I have decided to host a little contest to see who can dredge up the best piece of Christian Kitsch. Photos are preferable, but detailed descriptions will work too. And this needs to be authentic Christian Kitsch, not photoshopped pictures, homemade crafts, or atheist parody items. We’re talking about things that have been marketed to Christians as serious products (and I use the word ‘serious’ loosely).

Now what kind of contest would it be without a prize? The prize is this snowglobe of Santa Claus visiting the manger of baby Jesus. Just kidding! The actual prize is a scarlet A t-shirt a la The Out Campaign.

Who’s game? Post your findings in the comments or post a link to your personal blog with your findings. Also, be sure to head over to to check out other great submissions!

Update: Contest ends May 7th!

Prayer Cross Update: Now at Wal-Mart!

If you didn’t already see the Prayer Cross post, you should hop on over to check it out. However, don’t fret! You don’t have to buy one online and wait for it to be shipped. You can buy one at everyone’s favorite mass retailer, Wal-Mart! [sarcasm added]


Click on the photo to enlarge. Thanks to Greg for sending me this picture!

Mindless MySpace Troll

The following message was sent to me on MySpace. I wish I could make this shit up, but I just can’t. I am not friends with the person that sent it to me, so I can only assume that it is mindless trolling. What can I say? I love fighting trolls. I’m an atheist three billy goats gruff.

I have preserved it exactly as it was sent to me, so that you too may get a nosebleed from reading it.

you Need to find Faith in SOMETHING!
of really not even apart of this (my) Conversaoin

because whats REALly so bad in having faith in something
BIGGER than YOU,,,than taking Prid in Jah,,,,,and after all that….you will TUREly gain faith within Your own “faith”
(having faith in yourself)

YOU cant skip the Middle man (THE LIGHT) or the olny one your fooling is Youself,,,,,,,,not me (not GOD)

your smart, but you sure as HELL ain’t to WISE

you need to find
Religion,though your own, Indenpendent studys
( and NOW),,then go try to find a ……

if this scene were a parish you’d all be condemned.

Peace. be with you

HollWood A.S. CloaKeezy

PS o and if you ever just start reading the Bible, in stead of just looking into the sometimes,,,,your find out that evey thing in there is “GOoD”,,,,,,, and all your doing is making YOURself look like a (free-DumASS DICK]


When responding to anyone on the internet about any topic, I absolutely hate to bring up their bad grammar, because it often leads them to believe that, besides their grammar, everything else is solid. My reply to the troll:

Your message is completely incoherent.

I have faith in the ability of mankind to do good things without fear of being cast into a lake or fire or the promise of streets paved with gold. People who are only motivated to do good because of some dividend paid in the afterlife are the unintelligent ones.

Do yourself a favor. If you would like to try and engage in dialogue with someone on any topic, it would serve you well to present your ideas in a manner slightly more appealing to the eyes. Your ridiculous disregard for all grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules makes me want to punch not you, but your parents and teachers for not teaching you correctly.

I could have gone on, but I’ve had a really long day, and I really didn’t want to put a lot of effort into responding to someone who is obviously not only a religious nut, but a stupid one at that. If you would like to engage this troll further, please drop him a line!

HollyWood A.S. CloaKeezy (whatever that means)

Experience the Magic of the Prayer Cross

prayercrosscartform2Looking for the gaudiest religious accessory ever? Well look no further, because you have found the Prayer Cross! A one-of-a-kind spiritual accessory that not only contains a prayer that most people have had memorized since childhood, but looks like shit too!

“Watch as people gaze in amazement as they experience the prayer cross for the first time.” Umm. No.

“When held up to the light the Lord’s Prayer because instantly and almost miraculously visible.” No. It doesn’t. It’s simple optics. No miracles of any kind.

It’s especially humorous that it comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity”. So many things come with those today, as if someone will ever say to you, “Hey! I have my doubts as to whether that terrible piece of $40 jewelry is authentic or not. Got any documentation?” Of course, the thing that really needs a certificate of authenticity is God himself. Don’t see one anywhere for him…

Kind of reminiscent of this parody infomercial.