Jewish Male Singles Calendar

jewcalendar2010Well it’s that time again. Time to buy a decorative wall calendar for the coming year. Corvettes, dachshunds, Far Side cartoons, and pictures of beaches are always popular choices, but why settle for such humdrum choices when you can sport 2010’s hottest new selection, the Nice Jewish Guys calendar!

What better way to celebrate an entire year than with 12 hand-picked Jewish guys, each with stunningly stereotypical features.


“These are the guys you can take home to mom.”
Denise Rabinowitz
New York, NY

“Finally a real guy on a calendar who I can actually marry… AND THEY’RE NICE!”
Monica Stillman
Chicago, Ill

Even the supposed testimonials are ridiculous. I’m surprised Gilda Himmelstein didn’t chime in with some feedback.

If you find yourself wanting to look at oversized noses and greasy, curly hair for the next 12 months, drop by and slap $12.95 on the barrelhead. I’d say, “You’ll be glad you did,” but I hardly think that would be the case.

Wrath Via “Natural” Disasters

1055_01I know that Chick Tracts aren’t exactly a sterling representation of Christianity, but every once in a while I find one that I could never see anyone believing. I know, “Christians believing in weird stuff and taking crudely-presented information at face value.” Not a realistic concept.

And Chick Tracts? Who can’t take seriously little cartoon booklets left in public restrooms for innocent (yet doomed to Hell) passers-by. Chick even redrew one of their famous anti-Islam cartoons to better suit black audiences. They aren’t just trying to save souls with their crude and predictable story lines, they are targeting specific market segments. Even the most popular tract, This Was Your Life, has been redrawn to include black angels and a black god.

The tract I want to focus on here is one that attempts to equate natural disasters caused by God’s wrath. What incurred God’s wrath, you say? Why America turning its back on Israel is what!

J. T. Chick reminds us that the Jewish people are untouchable and any nation that turns their back on them is doomed to fall apart. Blah blah blah.




Note the shifty Arab in the last cartoon telling who I can only assume is George W. Bush that Israel has too much land. Imagine that — religious people trying to tangle themselves with politics.


There are more than 750 tornadoes and more than 1oo tornado-related fatalities every year. There have been more than 270 hurricanes that have struck th United States since 1851 that have caused countless fatalities and countless millions of dollars in property damage.

Are we to believe that each and every occurence of bad weather in the world is a direct result of God’s intervention? More specifically, are we to believe that each hurricane and tornado is a punishment for poor relations with the nation of Israel?

I smell bullshit.