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Pastor Maury Davis quick to condemn others considering violent past

207e348a0aec955a57199199b26dc1acSenior Pastor Maury Davis of Cornerstone Church, a megachurch in Madison, today condemned President Obama on his Twitter feed¬†for being “pro-Islam.” He went on to say that he “can’t imagine Christ saying one good thing about any other faith.”

Without pointing out the most glaring things that are wrong with this man’s statements, it should be noted that Pastor Davis was convicted of first-degree murder at age eighteen, a fact he openly admits in the bio on his church’s website (NOTE: Cornerstone has a new website with no bios for their core pastoral staff as of this time.). What was that one line Christ said about casting the first stone?

Davis has created a false dichotomy by contrasting his personal anti-Islam beliefs with the supposed active support of Islam displayed by Obama (presumably with regards to the Ground Zero real estate). Davis even goes so far as to say that Jesus called other faiths “evil.” Not only are there no examples of this anywhere in the New Testament, there are plenty of examples where he preaches the exact opposite.
In Luke 6:37, Jesus says, “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.”

The much-hyped “Mosque at Ground Zero” has been a favorite talking point among Republican politicians hoping to galvanize Christian voters. What these truth-stretchers would have you believe is that exactly where World Trade Center Twin Towers once stood there will be a mosque built by the same radical Islamists that destroyed the towers. In truth, what is being built is an Islamic Cultural Center (whatever that is) which will in fact contain a mosque. What they don’t tell you is that on this hallowed ground (about six blocks from where the North Tower was located) in what used to be a Burlington Coat Factory store, these Muslims are already praying. They just want to have a slightly better building to do it in. The only thing President Obama has said is that, this being a country that reportedly embraces religious freedom, they are quite free to do so.

Read more fact checking at Islam already lives near ground zero.

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