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What if the atheist is wrong?

One thing atheists must continually endure is flawed logic from the opposition. It isn’t enough that one lead a good and moral life with compassion for one’s fellow beings. No, you must subscribe to a specific set of rules — these differ from person to person — or you shall suffer the eternal consequences. A common question posed to atheists is, “What if you’re wrong?”

Jamie C. of Cookeville, TN posed the oft-repeated question in a discussion with myself and two other non-believers. What is the appropriate response to such an inquiry? The asker of such nonsense rarely gives pause to consider if they themselves may be wrong. The judgments they have passed and the hatred and bigotry they have been a party to because of their belief system would surely make them sick to their stomachs.

Being caught off guard, we only managed a “B-” answer, which was apparently good enough, as there were no follow up questions. The following video outlines a terrific answer to this question which atheists hear all too often.

User “TheoreticalBull****” provides a well thought-out answer.

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