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Letter From an Apologetic Christian

As your stereotypical angry atheist, one thing I constantly fume about is the lack of apologies from Christians. Every time I see someone on the street with a cross necklace, I wonder why they aren’t apologizing profusely for their terrible lies about atheists and crude proselytizing efforts.

I recently received an email from a Christian reader who had stumbled upon my site (from a search engine, not StumbleUpon) and felt the need to apologize for the Christians that had tainted my view of his obviously superior belief system. Basically, he sounds like a pompous, arrogant asshat throughout.

Hi, my name is Marcus and I stumbled upon your site while looking for the names of God, of all things. I am a christian, but before you disregard this email and move on I wanted to tell you something. I am truly and deeply sorry. I in no way think that this email will turn you into a Christian… that would be ignorant and stupid. I just want to say sorry. I am sorry for all the Christians you have met that have looked down on you. The ones that have yelled at you for your beliefs or tried degrading or chastising you for them. I respect you, that’s not something you hear a lot from Christians I’m sure, but it is true. With all the hypocrites out there, the “God Warrior“, the church that claims “God Hates Fags”, as well as many, many others, I truly do understand why you don’t believe… truth is, Christians are supposed to not hate but I come very close to hating Christians a lot. So once again, I am sorry, for my own behavior and everyone elses. I will be praying for you, I know you won’t want me to, but I will anyway.

I added emphasis on the parts that I believe contradict each other. This guy knows that I don’t want to be prayed for, yet he’s gonna do it anyway. How is that not looking down on me? How is that NOT disrespecting me? He didn’t have to tell me he was going to pray for me, and I would have never known. Of course, neither would anyone else, since he’d be talking to himself.

I don’t personally care for his apology, but if you’d like to accept his apology and thank him for his sincerity, drop him a line at