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Sorry for the Inactivity

I’ve been having some massive computer issues. Add my recently submerged-in-tea Blackberry going on the fritz randomly, and I’ve had a few very unlucky technology days. So with no reliable laptop and a phone that has a mind of its own, I had been unable to update the site or do much with Twitter. So if I talk to you on Twitter regularly, I don’t hate you, I’ve just been technologically challenged.

I bought a new Comnpaq laptop yesterday, so after a couple of days getting everything reinstalled and such, I’ll be back to posting. Before anyone makes any smug comments like “well if you had a Mac…”, let me say that I do not hate Macs. If you would like to tithe about $2500 to me, I will gladly go purchase a Mac. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sorry for the Inactivity

  1. Yeah, Macs can get pretty expensive. If I get financial aid in the fall for school, I am SO splurging on a new laptop. Obama better gimme that money! I promise I’ll use it for school. 🙂

    I wish you the best of luck with your technology woes.

  2. Alas. If only the MacMini had a built in monitor, keyboard, and mouse I’d be set. To be fair, I did see some MacBooks at Best Buy around the $1500 price range. Still a bit out of my league for now.

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