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Contest Winner!

It’s over! Finally, a winner has been chosen in the “Search for Christian Kitsch” contest! It was a tough decision, and when Sarah and I couldn’t come to a consensus, we enlisted the help of a room full of trained marmosets to make the final call.

A fellow free mind at A World Quite Mad submitted the following gem and won themselves a fine Scarlet A t-shirt from The Out Campaign:

I don’t have a picture so a description will have to do. I saw it at a funeral one time (hence why there’s no picture, there’s a time and place for everything and that was neither the time nor the place).

It was, you know how they have those flower arrangements beside the casket, usually on a tripod like thing, and there’s flowers usually in a circular pattern. Well, there was one of them, it was light blue, with blue flowers around it, and in the center was what looked like one of those Playskool rotary telephones, it was plastic, three dimensional, and the words written next to it were ‘Jesus Called’. I’m not even joking.