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Prayer Cross Update: Now at Wal-Mart!

If you didn’t already see the Prayer Cross post, you should hop on over to check it out. However, don’t fret! You don’t have to buy one online and wait for it to be shipped. You can buy one at everyone’s favorite mass retailer, Wal-Mart! [sarcasm added]


Click on the photo to enlarge. Thanks to Greg for sending me this picture!

24 thoughts on “Prayer Cross Update: Now at Wal-Mart!

  1. Ha ha. I guess the only way you would be interested in that piece of metal is if you could stick it through your tongue or nose.

  2. All children are atheists — they have no idea of God.
    — Paul Henri Thiry
    – – – – – – – –
    That is a great quote…a real zinger. I have modified it slightly to give it some more teeth–

    “All children crap their diapers, speak gibberish and are atheists.”
    – Timotheus

  3. I was hoping your comments would get better as I read through them, but I must say your quality is lacking on these two.

    I like your modified quote. It is still 100% accurate. Children know nothing of God until it is forced into their minds by their automaton parents.

  4. I was hoping your comments would get better as I read through them, but I must say your quality is lacking on these two.
    – – – – –
    You get what you pay for…would you like me to start charging?

  5. I like your modified quote. It is still 100% accurate.
    – – – – – –
    Thank you for the validation. I fully agree with you on the accuracy of that modified statement.

  6. Children know nothing of God until it is forced into their minds by their automaton parents.
    – – – – –
    Thank you, Dr. Obvious.
    Did you also know that children know nothing of the alphabet until it is forced into their minds by their automaton parents?

  7. The alphabet doesn’t ask a tithe.

    The alphabet doesn’t start wars.

    The alphabet isn’t a bigot towards other sets of letters.

    Your comparison falls apart, not that it held water to begin with.

  8. Your comparison falls apart, not that it held water to begin with.
    – – – – –
    My argument is very valid in that children have to be taught almost everything, whether it is about God, math, the alphabet, how to brush their teeth, etc. Your ever-evolving synapses must have misfired in thinking I was comparing God to the alphabet. The alphabet was chosen as a hypothetical example of something that has to be taught. If you would please substitute the word “liberalism” or “communism” for “the alphabet”, we could both acknowledge the validity of my first point and the full collapse of your counter-point.

  9. Kudos for giving the Prayer Cross the attention it deserves. I thought I was hallucinating when I first saw this commercial…and why was I watching a commercial when I have Tivo?…but I must have been drawn in by the almost miraculous craphattery that is the Prayer Cross. It would look awesome with a Three Wolf Moon shirt and a pair of Zubaz pants.

  10. who makes this site? and who are any of you to say that there is no God, and that God is pretend?
    I’ll pray 4 all of ya. He doesn’t make junk, everybody is free to believe whatever they want to believe, its just sad that you say God is pretend.

  11. Who am I to say that there is no God? Well if there really is a just and loving God, then my judgment is not in your hands, but his. So why don’t you chill the attitude?

    Besides, maybe your god doesn’t want me to believe in him to test your faith and see if you’ll turn into a judgmental asshat at the first sign of opposition.

    And it’s quite obvious that he DOES make junk. Malaria, AIDS, volcanoes, the Black Death, earthquakes, tsunamis, Westboro Baptist, and Down’s Syndrome are all great examples of an imperfect design. Any god who allows such things to flourish and wreak havoc on his creation without intervention is sick and sadistic and unworthy of any praise, but quite worthy of disdain and criticism.

  12. I think you are all sad and blind people. I feel sorry for the lot of you that have no faith in God. All the bad things you speak of will be explained at judgement day. He is testing all of our faith. Life isn’t easy. You need faith. You need to earn your way to be at God’s side for eternity. It’s easy to talk the trash you talk, it’s harder to have faith and believe in Him. That harder road will pay off in the end and you will have earned your place in Heaven!

  13. You don’t “earn your way” to be at God’s side, papertiger. You can’t possibly earn your way. The only way is to accept grace by becoming a Christian – Jesus already paid the price that gets you there.

    Timotheus – loved the comments.

    “God is Pretend” – if you don’t change your ways, I reckon you’ll get your wish re burning in Hell. I would make one suggestion though – not the papertiger is one, but if you don’t like hypocrites, then you really need to learn to if your plan is to go the Hell to avoid them. See, Hell is filled to bursting with the real hypocrites.

    I really want to thank you for letting me know I could buy these at Walmart. I’m on my way to check about getting one now. Your service to a Christian has been noted.

  14. There is no evidence that there is a Hell to burn in, so your imagined torture chamber that is used to scare people into god-belief has no use on me.

    If you really want to be this terribly-gaudy and kitsch piece of junk… then you’re welcome!

  15. Gee I thought the smiling lady was the phoney in the commercial and the cross looked kinda cool?

    But then I’m getting older now, and blind in one eye and can’t see so well out of the other.

    You get what you pay for whether you believe in it or not.

    End of discussion!

  16. I don’t know if god is real or not but that doesn’t mean I don’t have faith. I believe that people choose their path whether it be one religion amongst many or none as long as it is right to them and that is what matters most. True faith doesn’t really come from religion but from within and that is truely spiritual. Some may not agree but I was told by a good friend (who has a decent life going) “Those who must have religion to have faith sometimes don’t have faith in or for themself!” Miracles don’t come from “Divine Power!” they come from us human beings. People with medical knowledge or quik thinking/actions who save a life or lives that is a miracle. People who hug someone with ANY kind of terminal disease saying “I’m glad I know you.” that is a miracle. Miracles come from people who choose to make miracles happen. Life has ups and downs. Inner light doesn’t come from religion it comes from many varieties/random acts of kindness. Some don’t believe but sometimes kindness goes a long way. To those deeply religious I respect your religion but don’t do prayers for people who don’t who want them ’cause it don’t do squat instead do it for those who do and yourself. Also don’t try to pressure your religion on others just recommend it to them…if not interested then just leave it alone. One religion feels right for others but not everyone. Don’t go back and forth over and over again with harsh comments and critism…makes one look hypocritical but do say your piece and leave it. I give respect to you and others not afraid to voice what you or they believe in. Thank you for taking the time to read this. May your own light shine from the inside/out.

  17. wtf, who wants to hug a terminally ill bitch, don’t you know that is how you get aids, i mean c’mon, that aint no miracle, and a miracle by defintion is any act outside the power of man, so foo on you r.d. people can do some great shit, but not miracles by virtue of their very definition, sorry

    thus spake geezus

  18. Jus wanna say, Jesus is real. He said he would die and rise again AND HE DID, He said he is coming back for us, AND HE IS COMING Soon. I dont want anyone to go to HELL, I PRAY all of you will be Saved before it happens

  19. And you know all of this how?? You THINK he is coming soon, which scares me. It doesn’t scare me because I think a man will be coming out of the sky to scoop up everyone but me. It scares me because a large portion of the population is living their lives no more than a few years into the future. There’s no sustainability built into beliefs where people rejoice at the thought of the world ending.
    .-= God is Pretend´s last blog: Naming 14,000 Types of Ants… Fun! =-.

  20. All I have to say is those of us that do believe will be with our Lord in Heaven and those who don’t believe will not without the Grace of God. Praise God for everything He is the begining and the end. God bless you all believers and non belivers.

  21. To God is Pretend~just wondering how you know God is not? Who wrote the “rules of belief” that you live by? Another human or humans? Where do you get your belief about life from? From your limited and finite mind? Because that is all any of us humans have…limited and finite minds. Everyone’s beliefs come from somewhere and someone. Who wrote yours? Christians get their belief from 64 books written by 40 different authors over a span of maybe 1000 years or so, many of whom have never met yet their messages coincide perfectly and all point to the same end…the redeeming love of God and His ultimate sacrifice. You say He is not a just God just because He doesn’t make everything perfect. In actuality, He did make everything perfect. Says so in the first book of the Bible. Man just ruined it, like he ruins everything good. God could make it all perfect again, which He did after the flood, and true to his nature, man ruined it again! So, this time around, He waits…waits for people to turn to Him on their own. Is that so unjust? We have enough evidence from history showing God intervening in many situations…miracles…to give people hope that He does exist…but humans are a stiff-necked bunch, prideful, stubborn, blind…so, you pick. He gives you that choice…but know this, hell is real…you can get a glimpse being at the bedside of a dying atheist…horror at its worst…sad…

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