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T-Shirt Hell Going Out of Business

Save 10% on all orders throughout liquidation

I have enjoyed laughing at T-Shirt Hell’s irreverently humorous shirts for over 7 years now.

I placed an order today for two of my favorite shirts today. Below are some of my favorite religiously themed shirts from the site. Get one while you can.





More great shirts after the jump.



I really hope that the revelation of their going out of business is a clever ruse to increase shirt orders. However, to quote many Christians, what if you’re wrong?

EDIT: It WAS a clever ruse to increase shirt orders.

7 thoughts on “T-Shirt Hell Going Out of Business

  1. I love the Ante-Christ shirt. One of my coworkers does nothing but play online poker all the time, and I know he would get a kick out of that!

  2. Going out of business? It just goes to show, you can’t be too careful. I think it’s God’s revenge for the “I *plane* New York” T-shirts.

  3. I’ve seen no proof of god, I’ve seen no disprove of god, so who’s a believer here ?

    IMO, you’re just as religious….

  4. @shran I do not display belief in anything. I have a lack of belief in the supernatural being that has magical acts attributed to him. The burden of proof rests squarely with those that buy into such a claim. I do not have to prove that god does not exist. That is an absurd proposition.

    @Russell Hinderwell God, if there were such an entity, would not wreak havoc on private businesses. That’s just silly. But then again, so are most of the other things God is purported to have done.

    @adoye Ban me all you like! This is my own blog, so I don’t possibly see how posting about a t-shirts, books or dvds relevant to this blog’s central theme would classify as spam. As for affiliate linkage, guilty. I have to pay for the hosting somehow. Enjoy surrounding yourself with websites that support your worldview.

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