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Alliteration and Passionate Prose Doesn’t Make it True

Produced by Igniter Media Group, the following clip illustrates what is apparently a popular sermon by the late S. M. Lockridge, who is apparently some sort of minister.

Igniter describes that their mission is “to create high quality media that equips people with visual resources that declare Truth.” Hmmm. I might challenge that description. I would revise it to “create high quality media that takes a muddled, ancient and contradictory message and puts a modern spin on it so that you temporarily forget the meaningless banter being preached and focus on the shiny spinning objects and cool music.

Their back-patting page goes on to say “since [2002], we have been committed to creating media that challenges and encourages people to live honest and authentic lives, grounded in Truth.” Of course, this phraseology only further frames the debate in their favor that one cannot live an honest and authentic life without their pre-packaged Truth(c).

I guess what I find so dumbfounding is more basic than all of this. Why would genuine people need videos, music, fancy buildings and all manner of other religious accoutrements to have a personal relationship with their savior? If the core message is a personal relationship, why do so many other folks get involved?

But I digress. Enjoy (or become nauseated by) the video.